Hi! My name is Derya Yazgan.
I am a seasoned digital marketing professional having a strong interest in the internet, technology, voice acting, music composing, cooking and photography.
My point of view for life is that I truly believe that a peaceful world is possible, but in order to achieve, we all have to unite and utilize our knowledge and wisdom into a greater purpose to serve each other, seeing ourselves as a part of universe, empowered with one single source of existence: Love.


I have involved in various kinds of experiences in different industries for 17 years. My business experience is detailed in Career section.

Voice Acting

I love to spread messages through my voice in various forms of materials such as advertorials, videos, IVRs. Some samples may be viewed in voice acting section.

Music Composing

I always had an interest on synthesizers and computer generated music since my childhood and composed a number of tracks using various computers. I put a few of them on the Music Composing section


One of my deepest passion throughout my entire life is culinary arts. I find it really fascinating as cooking is definitely a meditation for me.


There are so many "moments" in life. Here are some I captured that I would like to share.


Being a father of two children gives exceptional and like-no-other perspective for seizing life. I am working on an online project regarding fatherhood and will hopefully launch soon.